PR Bizarro World: A Coffee Sends Out For a Mayor Run


John Vassilaros is running for Mayor of New York. Sort of.

Mr. Vassilaros is the president of Vassilaros & Sons, a coffee company that has been based in New York City for longer than most of its inhabitants have been alive. The company wants to expand beyond its mostly commercial base and get a foot in the consumer market. The PR means to do so is a mock mayoral campaign with all the bells and whistles that standard candidates would use. (And with a campaign cost of $1,000,000, this is not a few funny flyers just run off on a copying machine.)

Although fake political campaigns have a rich history as an effective marketing device, this one is unique in the fact that the intended audience is only NYC. Besides the fact that all media is national, (not withstanding the fact that all politics are local,) here we have a case of a local company trying to stay local and competing against the big national companies in order to do so. Can a relatively small time coffee supplier win the war against Starbucks and other prominent brands? Let the voters decide.

Read more about it here.


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