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When Big Red Sees a PR Pickle

icon-42522_640China likes to look good. For real. (As opposed to my dimming the lights, squinting in the mirror, and finding the angle where I look the least like a PR professional.) The present predicament that the country has perceived for itself is that of the Chinese tourist. Specifically, a number of pictures and videos have gone viral that have shown Chinese tourists behaving in ways that are less than optimal. Now, being an American, my covering this story is such a case of “people living in glass houses”, that it’s hard to even continue. That being said, I will allow my American candor (i.e. obnoxiousness) to propel me forward.

Business Insider is reporting that the Chinese government has launched a series of videos aimed at instilling politeness in Chinese tourists. These will run on the government sponsored CCTV, and try to inculcate proper manners while travelling abroad. Apparently, rather than glossing over the problem, the government is actually trying to fix it. However, I would assume that most rational adults (as opposed to squinty eyed PR pros) will be dismissive of the problem to begin with. In which case, the maxim of “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” would certainly apply. Although, maybe my hackles are being raised just at the concept of trying to teach politeness and proper behavior. Having grown up as a Southern chil’ running free, the notion of restraint (and shoes) is somewhat anathema. In fact, if ¬†you want to dip your feet in the water, y’all can come over my way. I won’t post any pictures to Facebook. (Today.)