The Seattle Police Force Gets High With PR


The Seattle Times reported today about a recent high flying PR maneuver by the Seattle Police Department. As is well known, Washington State recently passed legislation that allows for recreational marijuana use. To celebrate the new found liberty, bud enthusiasts are going to gather together at Hempfest, a three day long pro-cannabis event. The police department there has decided to take advantage of the opportunity and use it for educating the masses regarding legal aspects of marijuana use, as well as answering FAQs. The medium for their message will be a complimentary bag of Doritos.

And the name of the project is Operation Orange Fingers.
Again really.

The social media and PR for the PD has been absolutely amazing. Normally I hate reading Tweets as usually they are some dire combination of egocentric, banal, and delivering info that I just don’t care about. However, the Tweets for this project are utterly fantastic. (See below.) Now the only question that remains is if I can swing the same thing in reverse here in NYC: if I bring a whole bunch of Doritos to Times Square will the police respond in kind by handing out free dime bags? Hmmm….

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